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2017 Tax Year is here!!!

2017 Tax year is here……..Tax season for employees to file and submit their 2017 tax return opened on the 1st July and everybody is clamoring to get their returns in already…don’t stress though you have until the 22 September 2017 (if filing manually i.e completing hard copy of return and submitting manually to SARS) but if filing via Efiling you have until the 24th November 2017.

Provisional Tax payers (mainly directors of companies) have until the 31 January 2018 to submit their returns.

Remember to have the following documents on hand when getting ready to complete your return:

  • Your Efiling logon details (username and password)

  • A copy of your IRP 5 (remember this is already entered into your return at SARS, you just need to check it)

  • Your bank and address details

  • Your medical aid certificate/s

  • Your medical aid expenditure not reimbursed by medical aid

  • Your investment certificate/s (IT3b)

  • Your tax free investment certificates (IT3 s)

  • Your retirement annuity certificate/s

  • Travel and vehicle details

There have been some minor changes to the return this year :

  • Medical contribution blocks have changed

  • Also, should you contribute to a medical aid for a person dependent on you but not direct family, this needs to be declared separately.

  • You need to enter your retirement annuity contributions separately for each fund (in the past one lump sum was entered)

Some bad news I am afraid if you have changed any of your personal details. You are now required to physically visit SARS and make the changes together with all relevant documents. You will be finger printed, photo taken and the details confirmed with Home Affairs before the changes are implemented at SARS. So if you have any changes, it is best to get this over and done with.

Happy tax filing!

Remember should you require help with your return or want us to do the work for you we offer our services at very reasonable rates.

R400 per standard return

Minimum charge of R400 + R250 per hour thereafter for more involved returns.

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